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I was not born grumpy but am adept now. Have always prefered sarcasm done well over intellect. I try not to lose sight of the journey – who we really are, in the larger scheme. Just keep breathing while clinging on to this magnetic rock – that is mottp.

Don’t really have to go further, it does get boring. 

Without straining I remember a time when Apple and Blackberry were fruit. The ’80s and ’90s were the iron age, and since then life has changed dramatically. Some runaway successes, several notable failures, a few  laughable predictions, but in the end the rich have gotten richer. So all is well.

I’ve had my share of powerpoint, meetings, conferences and offsite bonding. Several different pubs, hotels, airports, cultures have taght me that below the skin we all want the same thing. But don’t hold your breath. There is no revolution afoot. 

On the other hand, I remain awestruck. Beyond the bits, bytes and bandwidth, the pace of change has rocked the world, challenging everything. The pace continues to accelerate, impacting our lives in so many big and small ways. 

At the core, the conspiracy is static and strong, while life around it spins ever faster, breeding apathy like never before. So believe me when I say, the next version of iOS or Android is the best you can look forward to. Now you may want to get on with your daily grind, hopefully gleaning some laughs as you go.


Any your point is?

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