One comment on “Idea

  1. How to start a movement:
    * All ideas start with a LONE NUT out doing his or her own thing in a highly public setting.
    * The LONE NUT stands exposed to the world and faces ridicule.
    * It takes a FIRST FOLLOWER joining the LONE NUT to turn the LONE NUT into a LEADER
    * The LONE NUT must WELCOME the FIRST FOLLOWER and treat him or her as an EQUAL
    * Then —- SECOND FOLLOWER joins. THREE is a crowd – and a crowd is NEWS! The SECOND (and additional) FOLLOWERS emulate the FIRST FOLLOWER – NOT the LEADER
    * Then the MOVEMENT BEGINS as more followers join to be part of the new “In Crowd.”

    If the LONE NUT doesn’t care if he faces ridicule — And had a FANTASTIC TIME chasing down is GREAT IDEA — Were they still right? And could he live with himself for not trying?!

Any your point is?

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